• My Favorite Things: Happify

    Time for another one of my favorite things! I’ve got another app for you today that I’ve really been enjoying.

    The spotlight today is on…


    Happify is an app and website that is designed to help you become happier. Simple, right?

    It sounds a little cheesy but it’s honestly really cool. When you first log in, you take a survey rating your happiness and satisfaction with different areas of you life. You can then choose a “track” to start with, which is an area you want to focus on first. There are quite a few tracks that you can pick from. Examples are “Cope Better with Stress,” “Strengthen Your Friendships,” and “Conquer Your Negative Thoughts.” Each track has its own set of daily activities to complete in order to improve your happiness within that area. It’s designed as a game, so you earn rewards and unlock achievements as you go.

    Most of the activities are created by based on psychological research – that is, each of them has been shown at some point to actually increase happiness in people. The whole premise behind the app is that you’ll actually retrain your brain to be happier. The following image actually is from Happify, and these are all examples of what kinds of activities that you engage in:

    This app is definitely geared toward adults rather than kids, although many of the tracks would be appropriate for teenagers as well. I’d encourage everyone to download it, because I think there are always areas of our lives that could be improved. Because many of the tracks are related to parenting, it also seems like it would definitely be helpful for any parent going through a tough time with their child.

    You can either go to the website here or download Happify from the App Store. It’s free, although you can upgrade to Happify Plus for a fee. (I’ve always just used the free version.) Let me know what you think!


    Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any compensation for this post, and I have no affiliation whatsoever with Happify. I just like the idea!

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  1. Amy B says:

    Just downloaded. I’ll let you know how it is going when I see you – yay! – next weekend!