• My Favorite Things: Chore Monster App

    Hi all!

    I’ve got another new discovery that I want to share with you today. (As a reminder, I have zero affiliation with this website – I just think it’s a really cool idea and wanted to pass it along.)

    The spotlight today is on…

    The Chore Monster

    The Chore Monster is a website and app that is designed to make chores fun by making the process more engaging and exciting for both kids and parents. It’s basically a more high-tech behavior chart.

    Parents log on to the website add their children, create chores with point values, and then create rewards that are earned by saving up those points. It’s really completely customizable, so you can put in whatever you want. It’s designed for chores, but you could put in any behavior that you want your child to complete.

    Your child then completes their chores and marks it on the app. Ideally, this works best if your child has their own Ipod or Ipad so that they can be logged in to the app. However, this isn’t necessary – they can definitely do it on your device or through the website. As they complete chores, you get a notification that they did so, and then you approve (or deny) that they completed it.  Once you do this, they earn points toward rewards. They also earn fun “monsters” on the site as they go, which are adorable.

    I’ve had a few clients who have used this and their kids have really loved it. It says it’s designed for ages 4-12, but it seems to me that it’s best for kids on the younger end of that age range. It takes a little time to set up, because you have to create your account, your kids’ accounts, and enter in chores, points, and rewards, but once you do this, it requires minimal time to keep up with. Using this website/app is a fun, easy, and no-nagging  way of helping your child remember and complete their chores.

    Have you tried the Chore Monster? Let me know what you think!

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